物理 article collaboration between faculty and students addresses practical applications of bead pile experiment

Lehman works with 贾斯汀·沃克,18年 and Avi Vajpeyi with the “bead pile” experiment in 2015.

苏珊·莱曼,维克多·J. 安德鲁物理学教授 at ag体育客户端下载, recently published 一篇文章 颗粒状物质, a peer-reviewed journal in the discipline, with eight Wooster alumni graduates and co-authors who contributed to an experiment informally known as the bead pile project in their time at Wooster. As new beads slowly are added to a pile, the experimenters observe the avalanches that happen—a system they can apply to studying broader ideas like land幻灯片, 地震, 甚至交通堵塞.

“It’s easy for students to get involved in the project, 因为它很简单, but they can take the work in so many directions and to a really elegant theoretical place,雷曼兄弟说, reflecting on how rewarding it is to work with Wooster students in the lab. “Each student has their own creative spark and takes the project in slightly different directions.”

A long-running experiment begun by Lehman’s colleague Don 雅可布, 物理学名誉教授, and student Karen McEwen ’90 using piles of sand, Lehman’s been excited to see the project evolve and become more sophisticated over the years. Taking over the project after 雅可布 retired in 2012, the article—“Universal aspects of cohesion”—published in the February 2022 edition of 颗粒状物质 and focuses on data Lehman and her students collected from 2013 to 2016. 显著, they added cohesion to the system, making the beads stick together using a magnetic field and compared the experiment to the theoretical model of collaborator and co-author on the publication Karin Dahmen, physics professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 通过她和达曼的合作, Lehman says the paper creates a framework that will allow researchers to make future comparisons, 问更多的问题, 评估其他属性.

苏珊·莱曼,维克多·J. 安德鲁物理学教授 at ag体育客户端下载

“凝聚力, and especially changes in cohesion are very important in real world applications,雷曼解释道. As with land幻灯片 or snow avalanches, 她补充说, “你的凝聚力就越强, 雪越大, or the more material in the pile can build up, and then when there is an avalanche finally, it is a more devastating event.”

“The close relationship in the way granular matter sticks, 转变, 幻灯片, and moves depending on its cohesion and how it mathematically connects with other materials and forces of nature I thought was interesting,艾略特·温赖特15年说, who contributed to the project as part of his I.S.他后来获得了博士学位.D. in materials science and engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Now a materials engineer with the U.S. Army DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, Wainwright sees applications of the experiment in his current work. “Working in powder metallurgy we often face problems of granular flow. How powders are able to spread, 混合, and build up have big implications in applications from agriculture, 航空, 加法制造, 和其他地方.”

除了雷曼兄弟, 雅可布, 和温赖特, other Wooster graduates who contributed to the project as co-authors include Nathan Johnson ’16, Popi Palchoudhuri ' 16, Avi Vajpeyi ' 18, 莉莉(克里斯特曼)pepper 13岁, 伊恩·威尔逊14岁, 贾斯汀·沃克,18年, 凯瑟琳·蒂曼,16年.

Photo 1 above: Lehman works with 贾斯汀·沃克,18年 and Avi Vajpeyi ' 18 with the “bead pile” experiment in 2015.

Photo 2 above: 苏珊·莱曼,维克多·J. 安德鲁物理学教授


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