Our rankings reflect our commitment to mentored research, 小类, 与教师导师一起挑战学术, 以及实习支持

高级Capstone(美国.S. 新闻)
#7 Lots of Race/Class Interaction (Princeton Review)
#8 Most Accessible Professors (Princeton Review)
第八名:美国最佳大学图书馆.S. 新闻)
#11 Top 20 Best Schools for Internships (Private Schools) (Princeton Review)
#13 Top 20 Best Schools for Making an Impact (Private Schools) (Princeton Review)
#13 Best Classroom Experience (Princeton Review)
第13名:最佳本科教学.S. 新闻)
#15本科生研究/创意项目.S. 新闻)
大多数国际学生(美国.S. 新闻)
#18 Professors Get High Marks (Princeton Review)
第29名:最具创新力的学校.S. 新闻)
#32 Best Colleges with No Application Fee in America (Niche.com)
#59 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in America (Niche.com)
#65第一年的经历(美国.S. 新闻)
#71性价比最高的学校.S. 新闻)
全美文理学院.S. 新闻)


Princeton Review lists Wooster as a Best Value College

Kiplinger’s ranks Wooster one of its Best Value liberal arts colleges. 据编辑珍妮特·博德纳报道, “Balancing top quality education with affordable cost is a challenge for families in today’s economy…The schools on the list offer students the best of both worlds.ag体育客户端下载慷慨的经济援助, 招生选择性, and graduation rates make it one of the nation’s best values.

Nationally recognized for undergraduate research opportunities

自2002年以来, U.S. 新闻 曾问过大学校长, 教务长, and deans to nominate schools with outstanding undergraduate research opportunities and stellar senior capstone projects. Only two schools have been named to both lists every year: Wooster and Princeton.

Leads in preparing students for science, 技术, 工程, 以及数学(STEM)领域

Wooster plays a critical role in preparing students for success in obtaining graduate degrees in science, 技术, 工程, 以及数学(STEM)领域, with a particular significance for women and underrepresented minority STEM baccalaureate graduates. A 2019 report published by the Council of Independent Colleges and based on data from National Center for Education Statistics and National Science Foundation ranked public and private institutions based on an institutional-yield ratio that removes the impact of the size of the student body. ag体育客户端下载排名No. 33所大学进入美国前100名.S. institutions where STEM doctorate recipients earn bachelor’s degrees, and No. STEM的女性博士学位获得者为21. ag体育客户端下载也在美国大学排名前50.S. baccalaureate-origin institutions of women doctorate recipients in the areas of biological sciences (No. 47)、化学(No. 3)、生命科学(No. 42)和物理科学(No. 6).

Highly regarded by education experts for the whole package: 可购性, 卓越教育, 并且为职业生涯做了很好的准备

罗兰教皇, 改变人生的大学的创始人, called ag体育客户端下载 “my original best-kept secret in higher education…I can testify that there is no better college in the country.”

《ag体育下载》 columnist Ron Lieber praises Wooster for its exceptional combination of quality faculty, 可购性, 和他的新书中的本科生研究, 你为大学付出的代价. 利伯用了整整一章来回答这个问题 How the College of Wooster Puts It All Together, highlighting Wooster’s up-front attitude in helping prospective students understand the financial package they will receive and the satisfaction students get from faculty mentorship.

这是有史以来规模最大的30人调查,000名大学毕业生, Gallup found that having a mentor in college and working on a long-term project were two of the most powerful factors linked to having “great jobs and great lives” after graduation.

学生们接受了普林斯顿评论的调查 最佳387所大学 ag体育客户端下载是, “一个小, personable ‘tight-knit community’ that offers ‘a truly stellar education’ to those who attend. Mentoring is a huge focal point of Wooster’s academics, and the ‘resources are endless’ for those looking to take advantage of things like ‘numerous opportunities for research and internships.’ Independent study is a highlight of the undergraduate experience, and the school ‘teaches research and how to apply skills learned to the outside world.’” Wooster is ranked in the top 10 in their Most Accessible Professors and Students Study the Most lists, and also featured in Colleges That Pay You Back.

The Fiske Guide to Colleges says “Instead of teaching students what to think, the College of Wooster focuses on teaching students how to think. From the first courses of the freshman year seminar to the final day when seniors hand in their hard-won theses, the college paves each student’s path to independence…The one-to-one attention from faculty makes Wooster an intellectual refuge in the rural countryside of Ohio.”

在最新的一套美国.S. 大学排名, the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education placed Wooster among the top 20 percent of the 801 institutions it looked at nationally, 在中西部212所大学中排名第25位. The WSJ/THE assessment “puts student success and learning at its heart,” utilizing 15 performance indicators grouped into four pillar categories: resources, 订婚, 结果, 和环境.